Why Should You Migrate your e-Commerce Business to Salesforce Commerce Cloud?


May 9, 2022


In the contemporary business era, almost every business has embraced e-commerce as a significant channel in the business. With each passing day, customers get various push notifications on their smartphones from big e-commerce players that offer them an innovative and personalized digital experience.

Companies are considering the commerce cloud as leapfrog for business growth as every customer craves for a seamless and delightful shopping experience. This has compelled buyers to desire a similar kind of experience for their B2B e-commerce business. Nowadays, online businesses have become a dominant source of income for which it is important to ensure the right hosting set-up. For this purpose, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is successfully making its place in the world of the e-commerce business. In this regard, companies are moving towards Salesforce to enhance organizational growth and business productivity. Salesforce and its commerce cloud is said to be a prominent part of the business era in 2020.

What does Salesforce Commerce Cloud do?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a prolonged, future-proof, and comprehensive cloud-based e-commerce platform that helps companies to create delightful and engaging shopping experiences for customers across the e-commerce platform. Commerce Cloud from Salesforce offers a power-packed suite of great features that can help businesses to interact with their customers in the most efficient manner. One of the best features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is that it facilitates excellent customer service and great support across a series of channels and platforms. Also, it is equipped with unique built-in predictive intelligence which is Einstein AI and it helps in recognizing and offering smart and helpful insights on the purchasing patterns of customer buying behavior along with opportunities to sell products and services across multiple untapped channels.

How does Salesforce Cloud can work as wonders to help you with your online business?

The Commerce Cloud refers to the SaaS (software as a service) which was initiated by Salesforce to ease the sales process and optimize e-commerce experience for business users. It is equipped with great features so that the business can ensure great interaction with their customers and even with the wholesale purchaser.

Some of the great benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are as follows:

There is no requirement to set up the entire system

As the Salesforce Cloud software is hosted on a central server which means that there is no requirement to set up the entire system and host it yourself.

Cost effective:

This software comes with a subscription-based model which is a very cost-effective option. It is just that you have to pay as per your business needs and if your business requirements change you can simply ask the SaaS provider to scale up the system. This makes you pay for what you receive.


The software comes with a subscription-based model, which helps in cost-cutting. In simple words, you need to pay as per your business requirements only. In case, your business requirements change, you can simply ask the SaaS provider to scale the system up. And hence, you pay only for what you get.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Another biggest advantage of cloud hosting is elasticity and this makes it seamless and perfect for e-commerce. The flexible and elastic nature of the cloud enables businesses to quickly scale up their resources in response to high or unexpected levels of traffic. In addition, the scalable nature of the platform enables it to cope with the huge demand of traffic spikes without the requirement of user intervention.

The aforementioned benefits are just a few reasons to make use of Commerce Cloud as there are certainly many more benefits. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be an extremely feasible option for someone who is looking for great proficient decision with their e-commerce business. The cloud-based architecture of Salesforce can really do wonders for all kinds of businesses including B2B and B2C.

If you are looking for expert help on data migration to Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enjoy its great benefits, the expert Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers at Miri would be glad to assist you.

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