Asurion-QlikView BI

  • For Asurion, we have created a solution to the APAC dashboard contains carriers that are selling a different product and have different underlying databases.APAC is a completely different (new) product, data source, and data structure, hence the need for a separate dashboard.

    The solution created by us included:

    We have added a group by dimension for the following:

    •             Manufacturer

    •             ProductModelNo

    •             WarrantySKU

    •             ClientId

    •             StoreId

    •             ProductName


    We have created measures for the following:

    •       Gross adds

    •       Net adds

    •       closing subscribers

    •       Average subscribers

    •       Churn rate

    •       Drops


    Once that file had been created we have created the APAC Subscriber view.

    The basic layout will include the following:


    A header along the top that will include a summary of the metrics change from the previous day. Ideally we would like this tied to the date dimensions.

    Variance Table:

    This should compare current period to the previous period for the date dimension currently selected. This will also be tied to the grouping of dimensions.

    Trend Chart:

    This will show the trend over time. It will be tied to the grouping of dimension. It also have the fast change ability between “Stack Bar chart” and “line chart”.

    Group by:

    An inline table that is created for each of the dimensions that can be selected. Basically each chart will have a number of dimensions that are conditionally shown based on the selected value of this box. This will enable to user to view the same charts and look at the underlying data without the need of extra charts. This should be tied to the list of dimension that are above. Some of these may be drill down dimensions such as Manufactuer->ProductModelNo.

    Date Slider:

    Each expression will be tied to the min and max selected values (variables) on the slider object.

    Date Dimension:

    This should include the ability to view data by the following date dimensions

    •             Year

    •             Quarter

    •             Month

    •             Week

    •             Day (please note that this view is different comprising of a table placed on top of each other rather than the side to side view of the others)


    Metric Selection:

    Each chart will have conditional expressions that are based on the current selection of the metrics. This works similar to the group by enabling a user to view the different metrics.

    • We have showed “Group by” selection of “Phone Manufacturer” for the metric “Net Adds”.

    • We have showed Daily view “Group by” is “Phone Manufacture” and metric is “Net Adds”.

    • We have showed “Monthly” view, with “Group by” showing “Carrier” with the selected metric of “Closing Subscribers” (accNetadds).