Sandisk E-Training is an E-Training programs Coordination application, which coordinates and schedule e-training programs between Global Administrator, Training Coordinators, Instructors and Trainees. The Basic usage of this application is to allow Global Administrator or Training Coordinators to create/edit and schedule e-training programs and assign them to the one or multiple instructors added by Global Administrator in database. Whereas Instructor would be provided with Instructor Panel where he can view the trainings in which he is instructor. While Trainee can only view the trainings and enroll or join them. Below is the application has been explained in little brief.


The users added in the database of application belong of either of four roles.

      1. Global Administrator,
      2. Training Coordinator,
      3. Instructor or
      4. Trainee


Major Features:

      • The Global Administrator through Admin tab Creates and Updates the Users, Categories, Locations, Departments and Email Templates.
      • The Admin (Global Administrator) and Coordinator can
      1. Add/ Schedule Training and allot those trainings to one or multiple instructors.
      2. Edit / Reschedule Training.
      3. Submit Score for the ended training
      4. See the status of all the trainings like In-Progress, Ended, Started.
      5. Submit the training to Active Phase.
      6. Add/ Edit / delete Quizzes and questions to already created Quizzes.


    • The Admin (Global Administrator) and Coordinator can revise the training material. Coordinator can update or revision only his own training but admin can revise any training material. You can upload at max 10 files on update revision page. Supported file formats are DOC, PPT, TXT, PDF, WMV, MPEG, AVI, MP3.
    • Search Trainings: You can search the trainings by using this advance search feature. Here user can see the training program details or can join the program.
    • Assign Training page: Training which are active and which are not started yet are listed here. Click on the Title to view the training details. Here Admin (Global Administrator) and Coordinator can use to Assign Training to Department or Assign Training to an Employee  or other users can Recommend Training to department and Recommend Training to an Employee.
    • My Trainings:  All the details about the trainings assigned, recommended, enrollee or joined are listed here. You can also view the status. After the training is completed the score and the results are shown under the Score and Result columns. In case the user enroll for a particular training and if there are no seats available for the training then the status is shown for that particular user as Waitlisted.
    • Each training program is linked with a Quiz if the user skips the Quiz and comes back to training page. Then it shows the Quiz is pending in Training Status column and if he has taken a quiz his score and results would be shown here in listing the status gets changed to Evaluated.
    • Training Evaluation module is also there, where some predefined set of questions which user needs to answer. After his evaluation is done his status is changed to complete that training.
    • There is a Training Scheduler module also based on Calendar. Where user can check the trainings on the date cell, click in the training user can go to its details.
    • There is a profile page too. Where user can edit its profile details.