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AngularJS is an open source web development framework, which is used by developers to build single-page applications (SPAs).

Miri is referred as a top-notch AngularJS web development company that has served multiple businesses by delivering top-class mobile and web applications that are highly secure in nature. You can hire AngularJS developer from Miri to attain easy to maintain and extensible applications along with multiple additional features. Miri has a team of AngularJS developers who make use of the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to give you the best AngularJS development services.

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Hire AngularJS Consulting Partners

At Miri, we provide top-class AngularJS development services with the main aim to provide scalable, dynamic and secure web applications. Hire AngularJS developer from Miri if you want a web app from scratch or if you are willing to integrate AngularJS to your existing website. The best part is that we make sure to provide you feature-rich and sophisticated mobile and web applications at cost-effective rates.

Custom Angular JS Development

Miri is renowned for having great expertise in developing secure, scalable and sound applications. Hire AngularJS developer from Miri to customize or modify the visuals of your business website as per your requirements through AngularJS development services.

E-Commerce Application Development

As AngularJS development company, we help you develop feature-rich and collaborative shopping cart as well as we offer you dynamic and powerful e-commerce solutions. With Miri, our AngularJS developers can help you build better customer network with access to current technologies thereby allowing the development of cost-effective applications.

Single Page Application AngularJS

Single page application AngularJS is a framework for the mobile, web and native applications and being a globally renowned AngularJS development company, we offer you highly interactive and data-driven AngularJS web applications while adhering to all the quality standards. Hire dedicated AngularJS developer to get wide array of Angular services including Single page application AngularJS.

Migrations & Porting Services

Our AngularJS development services also include migration and porting services and our Angular developers are aware of quick and effective migration of your existing app to the current version from another platform.

API Development

Hire dedicated AngularJS developers from Miri to get highly interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented plugin development services as per your business requirements. Being a top-notch AngularJS development company, we offer broad range of API development services for custom-made website and web app development.

Mobile Application Development

Our AngularJS development services aim to provide next-gen mobile application development solutions to fulfill the business needs of our clients. Miri is a trusted AngularJS development company that works with the objective of turning its clients into successful businesses through its mobile application development services.

Hire Our Angular JS Expertise

As a renowned AngularJS development company, we make use of the most popular technologies such as AngularJS to give you a result-driven solution. Avail our AngularJS development services for a visually appealing website and functionally rich web/ mobile application for multiple industries.


As AngularJS development company, the finance and banking solutions provided by us streamline the transaction process, payment system and mobile banking to help enhance the workflow. Our Angular developers work to cater to the needs of banking institutions and finance businesses to help companies combat with the current technology requirements of the industry.


Miri offers comprehensive IT development services in the healthcare sector to transform your business. Hire AngularJS developer from Miri to make your healthcare services easily accessible to people. Our services mainly lay emphasis on better patient care, simplifying inventory management, Healthcare IT managed services and so on.


Miri offers comprehensive e-commerce development solutions for different kinds of businesses. Our AngularJS development services aim to deliver effective and tailor-made e-commerce services to all our major clients including e-commerce consulting, e-commerce implementation and e-commerce development. With the help of our AngularJS development services, you can connect your online store with required e-commerce integration.


Being a renowned AngularJS development company, we lay emphasis on building innovative application solutions that can help you offer better education to your customers. Our AngularJS developers work to offer easy access to your services on the web through e-learning website development.


Miri delivers all kinds of real estate solutions that really help people who are associated with real estate industry including architects, brokers, agents, property managers and so on. Our AngularJS development services provide real estate website and app solutions to help you connect with you with your customers in the most effective manner.


Enhance your sales by making your end-to-end travel business management process easier with the help of our AngularJS development services. Our Angular developers help you overcome challenges with the latest rational technologies. We are the first choice for multiple clients across the globe as we have the expertise to work with different businesses and we understand the essentials of a business.

Our Case Studies

As a leading Software Development Company, we make use of significant and latest methodology to complete your AngularJS projects


Migrating to latest version of SharePoint

A&D needed to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 in order to enhance storage, userfriendliness and security across the site.


Developing a pipeline for partner opportunities

The client wanted an internal process that would allow Asurion Geo Leads and their delegates to submit partner opportunities into their new business pipeline via a “Submit AIC Opportunity” registration form. They wanted this process to be standardized, repeatable and transparent. Also, each opportunity would need to go through four different levels of approval before launch.


Automating a manual CSAT reporting process

The client had been using a manual process for handling data and generating CSAT reports. Once the data was collected and placed within Excel sheets, it required some clean up, clubbing up and filtering of the data. Then, all the data in the fields needed to be verified manually to generate specific reports. This operation was challenging and labor intensive.


Creating a centralized employee evaluation system

In an exponentially growing organization with offices in Germany and India, there was a need to implement a centralized system to evaluate employee performance.


Branding intranet portal with new theme

Netgear wanted to redesign their intranet portal—which had been created in SharePoint 2010—to be in alignment with their current brand standards and the latest design trends. In addition, they were using some premium web parts to which the new design also needed to be implemented. This would require exacting attention to detail since our work would be done on a live intranet portal.