The CSAT or Customer Satisfaction Score is intended to measure a customer’s satisfaction with the service received.

Customer satisfaction is a state of mind that customers have about your company services when their expectations have been met or exceeded over a lifetime.

The achievement of customer satisfaction leads to company loyalty and extended service offering.

CSAT is developed to incorporate project management & reporting features which has a lot of project related measurements and reporting functionality. It has different permission levels for the project Managers, Customers, and Management Users.

All the Programs, Projects, Releases and work streams have “One- to-Many” and “Many-to-One” Relationships with each other depending upon the different scenarios. All the Data is displayed in different views with their relation with each other in form of Dashboards for e.g. Program Dashboard, Project Dashboard, and Reports etc.

We have the reports for all Programs, Projects releases and work streams in which the information entered by different employees roll up on different levels.


      1. Responsive Web Design: The design of the application is responsive and suitable for all available devices, and platforms. It provides best viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling.
      2. Cross Browsers: The website is very user friendly and consistent when it is visited from various browsers. The look and feel does not change with changing browsers.
      3. Complex Reporting: There is a pretty complex reporting for displaying, and easy to use Dashboard to show the information on different levels using Nested Data Lists.
      4. Roll Up Feature: Roll up functionality on all the forms to show the information entered previously by other Employees.