Leave System

Leave System is a web based application developed in SharePoint. It contains a lot of features which makes leave application and approval process smooth and easy to handle. It has various features like apply for leave, leave calendars, leave approvals etc.

In this, as soon as an employee applies for a leave with the type, duration and reason for leave, it gets added in his leaves list and also to the list of his manager so that the manager can see and approve or reject the leave as required. A customized Notification Email is sent to the employee that his leave request has been added and to the manager that one of his team members has applied for a leave. After the leave approval or rejection by the manager, another notification email is sent to both employee and the manager informing that the leave is approved or rejected and the process is completed.

The leave system also has customized calendar views for the manager and the employee separately. The Employee calendar view will contain all the leaves applied by him and the status and type of the leaves in color coded form with an option of filters to refine the leaves according to the type and approval status of the leaves. The manager calendar will contain the leaves of all his team members in same color coded form as the employee with an added option of a dropdown where the manager can opt to see the leaves of a particular employee. The calendars also contain the public holidays which are there in the current month.

Different views are created according to the permissions so that a particular users can access only the areas he is authorized for.


      1. WebParts
        • To filter the leaves in the calendar view according to the Leave Type.
        • To filter the leaves according to the approval status.
        • Dropdown for managers to see the leaves of a particular team member.
        • Grid view WebParts to populate the detailed view of leaves of an employee.
        • Grid view WebParts to populate the detailed view of leaves of the team members of a manager.


    1. Custom calendar
      • To show the different types of leaves highlighted with different colors and the approval status is denoted through different font colors.
      • For manager, to show color coded leaves of his team.
      • Week view, to show the leaves in the current week or any subsequent week.
    1. Email Notification to the managers and the employee notifying the leave added or leave Approved or rejected with details.
    1. Separate authorizations to access different areas in the leave portal for the employee, manager, and the Administrator.