Great Benefits of AngularJS Development


May 5, 2022


AngularJS is an open-source web development framework, which is used by developers to build single-page applications (SPAs). Open-source can be defined as something that people can modify and share as its design is easily accessible publicly. The term open-source has been originated in the context of software development to peculiarly designate a specific approach in order to develop computer programs. Some of the popular open-source include Node Js and Angular JS in which Node Js has become a standard for enterprise-level organizations. Another one is Angular Js and the best features of AngularJS is that its developers are equipped with this great web application development framework that enables easy and sound web application development.

How AngularJS is different from JavaScript or other frameworks?

  • AngularJS makes use of plain old JavaScript objects.
  • The mark-up of AngularJS lives in the DOM.
  • It is leveraged with dependency injection.

Why should you prefer AngularJS development for your web and mobile applications?

Availability of simple architecture

AngularJS development is contemplated as one of the most simpler design architectures that are widely used in the present business era. It is easy to catch up for any developer and features can be easily enhanced as per the requirements of the client. One can easily manage heavy applications with complex requirements with the help of AngularJS.

Enriched design architecture

There are some large applications that consist of the bulk of components numbers over 60 but AngularJS makes it easy to manage them even if a former programmer leaves the project or new programmer joins the project in the middle of the process. The architecture of AngularJS is developed in a way that aids the programmer to locate and get engaged in code development without any difficulty.

Lesser Timeline

AngularJS is equipped with the latest technology that is derived from HTML where developers do not need to invest much time to code the entire application. The creation of new web applications with AngularJS is very easy and quick, to begin with, less effort. This allows a developer to easily get started with it and a simple app can be easily built very fast using Angular with a few attributes added to the HTML code.

Enhanced development efficacy with lesser code

It allows developers to lay emphasis on the application efficacy rather than just writing codes for development. In addition, the data models are extremely easy to write and do not need any kind of setters or getters that enables developers to easily manipulate the data by making use of filters without having to use modifying controllers.

Encourages code re-usability

Angular helps developers to re-use the codes or the code components that are already written before in various applications. This saves the time and effort of developers and makes AngularJS a unique framework for them.

Two-way Data Binding Feature

One of the best features of AngularJS is two-way data binding that makes AngularJS extremely popular among developers. It offers model projection to the application view that enables the projection to be seamless and requires very little effort from developers. There is no requirement of fresh cycles for the view and model that made them prone to bugs.

MVVC software design pattern

MVVC (Model-View-View Architecture) is one of the contemporary web development processes that is supported by the AngularJS framework.

Enhanced Server Performance

AngularJS supports caching and various other processes as well that alleviate the burden from server CPUs. This means that the server performs very well and special thanks to the reduced traffic as it only serves static files and only responds to API calls.

Feature of Convenient Testing

AngularJS offers support to both unit and end-to-end testing and the testing is made easy and flexible at any level of development. Also, it has great testing capabilities.

Parallel Development

A parallel development is one of the greatest features of the AngularJS that allows this framework to manage dependency that is coupled with the MVC architecture allows developers to ensure development in a parallel manner.

Easy management of state

Whether it is an illusioned or disillusioned application state, it helps in managing everything. In addition, the AngularJS manages permissions, properties, and other attributes very well.


It offers all the win-win advantages to the AngularJS Development Services due to its great features and productive methods. Miri Infotech is referred to as a top-notch AngularJS web development company that has served multiple businesses by delivering top-class mobile and web applications that are highly secure in nature. You can hire AngularJS developer from Miri to attain easy to maintain and extensible applications along with multiple additional features. Miri has a team of AngularJS developers who make use of the latest technologies and cutting-edge tools to give you the best AngularJS development services.

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