Why should businesses opt SharePoint for Enterprise Content Management System?


May 10, 2022


Computers and laptops have made it very easy for organizations to generate ample content of different kinds. People crave information and they find great ways to gather that information including e-mail messages, documents, worksheets, diagrams, videos, presentations, web pages, and so on. But if the content is not managed properly then it can be quite hard to determine what you need to track about what is happening.

Here, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) with SharePoint products comes to the rescue. This can help you by giving you great tools to organize and manage content throughout the content life cycle, from creation to documentation. SharePoint Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps in the integration of the familiar tools of the Microsoft Office System with the central management and collaboration features of SharePoint technologies and products.

ECM competencies of SharePoint

SharePoint ECM has the inclusion of four components entailing:

Document Management

Metadata Management: This enables the creation of groups or term sets to facilitate the documents of organization in SharePoint repositories.

Centralized Storage: All sorts of documents are stored in SharePoint repositories in a structured manner to help users easily find, retrieve, and share them.

Audit Trail: SharePoint offers comprehensive information about all kinds of activities relevant to a document during its life cycle, including who makes changes in it, who copies, or shares it.

Document Co-authoring: SharePoint allows real-time collaboration on documents in which various users can easily edit a document that accelerates document finalization. This ultimately enhances the productivity of document relevant business processes at an organization.

Access Control: SharePoint offers multiple permission levels from reading Only to Fully Control, which helps in the protection of sensitive documents from unauthorized access.

Digital Asset Management:

Default Media Players: This feature of SharePoint enables playing audio and video files from an intranet, publishing sites, a portal, team sites, and so on.

Media Asset Libraries: The SharePoint libraries are elevated to manage graphic, video, and audio files. They provide peculiar content types with more metadata features rather than standard document libraries, thumbnail views to ensure quick browsing of assets and pop-ups playing videos right from a document folder.

Web Content Management

Budget-friendly deployment and management: It is very cost-effective as it helps you to save your money on software because it enables building internet sites, intranet, and extranet.

Great Look and Feel: It gives you the feature of reusable page layouts where the content of different authors can easily maintain brand consistency and navigation throughout all the SharePoint portals.

Reusable Templates: SharePoint provides templates to ensure quick and easy publishing and web content creation.

Records Management System

Records are basically utilized to serve legal purposes and they work as great evidence as they are finalized and cannot be modified.

Retention and Deletion Policies: SharePoint enables assignment of retention periods for records that depend on compliance regulations a firm is bound by. After a certain period of time, the unwanted files are automatically removed.

Effective Legal Discovery: SharePoint provides the eDiscovery Center, which is mainly designed for easy and effective recognition and delivery of electronic information that can be used as proof. The eDiscovery Center provides great features such as allowing a user to search for content, apply a hold to content items, that ensures the preservation of content copy while allowing users to work with it. In addition to this, this allows a user to export content and track the status of exports and holds related to particular content.

Move forward towards SharePoint ECM with Miri

SharePoint ECM provides a full-fledged toolset to meet the business requirements of an organization. However, a great solution requires great implementation and you can expect the same from Miri. We have SharePoint certified consultants that can give you faultless implementation and maximum return from your SharePoint content management system. Start a SharePoint ECM project and contact Miri RIGHT AWAY for seamless and impeccable implementation.

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