Detection and Protection of Sensitive Data for DBMS

Sound corporate governance and compliance practices require that companies know when sensitive data is posted in corporate repositories and prevent its unauthorized exposure. DgSecure for DBMS is designed to detect and protect sensitive data in database environments.

DgSecure for DBMS works is a comprehensive solution for locating and identifying sensitive data types that are either custom defined or already preconfigured, to address requirements of regulations such as PII, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, and HiTech. Security experts can then use DgSecure to analyze these search results, assess the company’s risk exposure and, if needed, apply the most appropriate remediation policies to enforce compliance.

DgSecure for DBMS can enforce corporate policies on all corporate DBMSs, whether on premises or in the cloud. Enforcement actions mask sensitive data with real-looking data while maintaining referential integrity across all database relationships. Additionally, security personnel can use DG for DBMS to schedule periodic searches and policy enforcement updates to maintain compliance in existing and new DBMSs, automatically.

DgSecure masks data in place, eliminating the need for temporary storage. Users can choose among tens of different masking strategies to achieve the most appropriate remediation results. These masking algorithms are very efficient and can process millions of rows in a matter of minutes, making DgSecure for DBMS data detection and protection capabilities suitable for very large enterprise-class deployments. With DgSecure for DBMS, companies simplify risk management and improve operational efficiency.

Key Features

    • Addresses the need to detect and protect sensitive data in development, QA and data analysis environments
    • Automatically determines and maintains data relationships and preserves application integrity when masking data
    • Protects sensitive or proprietary data from disclosure
    • Integrates into existing software lifecycle management processes
    • Deploys quickly and has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface providing exceptional time to value
    • High performance masking-in-place architecture scales to support enterprise data sets
    • Supports masking for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 , and Postgres on Linux, and Windows platforms. DB2 is additionally supported on AIX.