Accelerate web application development with our Full Stack Development services.

We build robust web applications across various technologies, from front-end prototyping to a complete set of back-end services.

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We provide stack solutions using leading technologies to unleash the full potential of businesses.

Content Management Systems

Hire efficient SharePoint developers from the best SharePoint Development Company who will provide a full spectrum of content management solutions along with enhanced search services that too affordable rates.

SharePoint Business Process

We at Miri Infotech, one of the top SharePoint Consulting Firms, will help you streamline your core processes, efficiently manage the compliance requirements, and reduce your IT expenses.

SharePoint Customization

With affluent knowledge and experience in applying visual designs to SharePoint, Miri Infotech’s experienced consultants will provide the right solutions for your every need. Our SharePoint consulting services are deemed top-notch by industry experts.

SharePoint Upgrade

Whether you require remote services or in-house SharePoint deployment, installation, customization or migration, our dedicated team of professionals will help you to the core. Hire us for SharePoint consulting services, SharePoint migration services as well as SharePoint integration services.

SharePoint Reporting Services

We offer a wide array of services ranging from Excel, Visio services to Performance point that SharePoint has for Business Intelligence. We are one of the top SharePoint Consulting firms in the USA and India.

SharePoint Project Management

Miri’s SharePoint project management services give you variety of options to help you manage your projects effectively but there are many companies which are unaware of its benefits. Our SharePoint developers help you to manage projects using a project site and the option of project summary feature visual timeline of late or upcoming events and tasks to guide you plan your projects properly.

Custom ASP.NET Development Services

Our ASP.NET development company focuses primarily on custom dot net development. Experienced Software Dot NET developers at Miri Infotech create multi-tier robust web solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Migration to .NET

Migration to .Net has been one of the common needs we have catered to across a wide variety of scenarios. You can hire dot net developers that are highly experienced for migrating your existing legacy or web application into .Net.

MVC Web Pоrtаl Dеvеlорmеnt

With better process management and cross-domain technical expertise, our team of mvc experts delivers secure, reliable, and highly scalable ASP.NET MVC applications. We can help you build a dynamic, flexible, and standard-based web applications for your business.

Third-Party Integration

Our skilled .NET developers can customize any third-party ASP.NET products to fit your company’s business requirements that make us one of the top dot net development companies. We take care of technical support, enhancement of functionality, UI improvement, and API development.

.NET Core Web Application

Dot NET Core is aimed to offer a high-quality open source .NET implementation that can be utilized on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. As the best asp net development company, we help you build web apps. and services, and deploy them to the cloud or on-premises.

.NET support

As businesses grow, applications and products require professional support and maintenance that keeps pace with the growing demands. Our asp net mvc developer provides you with the required support and maintenance that helps to effectively focus on core business areas.

Java Migration Services

Our certified developers have great experience in migrating the business platform to a Java-based framework in order to attain a better prospect for business growth. Hire Java developer from Miri to take your business on another level to the path of innovation with the help of our exceptional services.

Java Web Development

As Java development company, Miri is well-equipped to build safe, fast and secure Java sites for multiple domains entailing retail, finance, telecommunication, healthcare and so on. Our Java developers have proven their skills in multiple services and industries as our experts believe in developing high-performing, lightweight and platform independent Java development solutions to help you attain unprecedented value for your business.

Java Application Maintenance & Support

As Java web development company, we ensure smooth workflow of the Java web and mobile applications along with our active maintenance and technical support to resolve any kind of difficulty in a jiffy. The best part is that our Java developers are always there to offer constant support for your growing project.

Custom Java Development

Our Java developers provide enterprise-centric custom Java web development services that help to enhance your business growth efficiently and consistently. In order to provide custom Java development, we deploy collaborative and integrated approach to suit client’s business requirements.

Enterprise Java Development

Miri offers enterprise-centric tailor-made Java development services that help you grow your business in the marketplace with an ease. Hire Java developer from Miri to get custom enterprise Java development solutions that can easily transform core operations to scale new opportunities for your business.

Java Mobile Development

As a renowned Java development company, our team helps different enterprises to foster their business in the marketplace with the help of appropriately designed mobile and web applications. Hire Java developer from Miri with the main aim to accelerate your journey in mobile heavy markets to become ahead of your competitors.

API Development & Integration

Hire Node.js developers from Miri for API development and integration and get sound web and mobile applications as per your business requirements. Basically, it is the procedure of merging development work with the master numerous times a day to enhance the functionality of applications.

Web App Development

It is a kind of framework which is used by our Node.js developers in order to create real-time and scalable web applications. The main objective of our web app development service is to ensure that you get what you exactly want from Node.js development to fulfill your business needs.

Plugins Development

At Miri, our full-stack Node.js application developers are highly capable in developing great web apps for all kinds of businesses. Hire Node.js developers from Miri to get great services at affordable prices as our developers use this plugin to write back-end in JavaScript.

Client-side Development

Miri has a great expertise in client-side development to make sure that its clients are happy with the development services. As Node.js development company, we develop modern and feature-rich web and mobile based applications utilizing Node.js platform.

IoT App Development

Miri’s Node.js solutions include the development of the most secure, reliable and data-intensive IoT applications for different business verticals. Our Node.js developers are highly skilled in creating the best mobile and web applications using JavaScript; which is the most renowned programming language among the developers across the globe.

Node.js Chatbot Development

Our Node.js development services aim to enhance customer services with improved security, speed and reliability. The best part is that our Node.js developers work as per your business requirements to help you stand out in the market.

Custom Angular JS Development

Miri is renowned for having great expertise in developing secure, scalable and sound applications. Hire AngularJS developer from Miri to customize or modify the visuals of your business website as per your requirements through AngularJS development services.

E-Commerce Application Development

As AngularJS development company, we help you develop feature-rich and collaborative shopping cart as well as we offer you dynamic and powerful e-commerce solutions. With Miri, our AngularJS developers can help you build better customer network with access to current technologies thereby allowing the development of cost-effective applications.

Single Page Application AngularJS

Single page application AngularJS is a framework for the mobile, web and native applications and being a globally renowned AngularJS development company, we offer you highly interactive and data-driven AngularJS web applications while adhering to all the quality standards. Hire dedicated AngularJS developer to get wide array of Angular services including Single page application AngularJS.

Migrations & Porting Services

Our AngularJS development services also include migration and porting services and our Angular developers are aware of quick and effective migration of your existing app to the current version from another platform.

API Development

Hire dedicated AngularJS developers from Miri to get highly interactive and data-driven enterprise-oriented plugin development services as per your business requirements. Being a top-notch AngularJS development company, we offer broad range of API development services for custom-made website and web app development.

Mobile Application Development

Our AngularJS development services aim to provide next-gen mobile application development solutions to fulfill the business needs of our clients. Miri is a trusted AngularJS development company that works with the objective of turning its clients into successful businesses through its mobile application development services.

Custom Python Web Application Development

At Miri, Python developers apply their expertise to build enterprise-grade web applications. Hire Python developers from Miri to get highly secured, robust and high performance Python web applications development.

Migration to Python

As Python web development company, we help you utilize the latest technology without having to spend on the cost of upgradation every single time. Our web development services offer the migration service from an old Python version to the new one as well as we provide migration across multiple platforms as per your business requirements.

API Development Services

Miri’s Python development services offer you access to your platform data through secure, stable and appropriately documented web services and APIs. Our team of experienced and dexterous Python developers work in alignment to provide you the best API development services.

Python Based Customization

Being a renowned Python development company, we provide you custom Python application development along with integration and programming services for scalable apps. Our Python developers utilize agile methodology for rapid development of custom Python solutions for different businesses.

Python Framework Development Services

It is evident that the variety of frameworks and the tools present in the Python library make it worth for the varied range of solutions and application for all types of digital platforms. Our Python development services specialize in developing customized products with different Python frameworks including Sjango, Flask, Pyramid and so on.

Python Support & Maintenance Services

Being a leading Python development company, our maintenance team has attained utmost popularity in the support and maintenance of Python applications. Additionally, we are always there to help you whenever you face any trouble during app usage and maintenance. We offer 24*7 support & troubleshoot the issues that you face with the main aim to enhance your experience.

PHP Cloud Solutions

We offer cloud services and solutions entailing PaaS, SaaS, IaaS and several other backend solutions based on PHP. We are highly specialized in providing wide range of full stack cloud development services based on PHP. Hire PHP developer from Miri to get responsive, quick and cost-effective PHP cloud solutions.

PHP Based CMS Development

As PHP development company, our specialization in open source CMS solutions allow us to help with content management automation. Our certified experts are well-versed with reliable and effective CMS solutions for each industry. We aim to provide feature-rich CMS solutions that are easy to handle and update your data in quick turn time. Also, we offer PHP consultation services to develop tailor-made CMS from the scratch or make updates in the existing open source CMS solution.

API Integration Development

Our PHP web development services allow you to provide third parties an effective way to align with data or features of your service. Our developers have explored internal, public and private APIs to offer appropriate integration of third party services. Additionally, our developers are extremely talented to explore further API along with its documentation to integrate properly in your website.

PHP Web Application Development

Our PHP web development services are inclusive of high performance PHP framework with the main aim to develop web applications that suit client’s business requirements. We offer top-notch PHP development services and solutions for businesses of different sizes.

PHP Integrations & Upgradations

Hire PHP developer to upgrade your prevailing application irrespective of the fact that the existing platform is on PHP or any other technology as we can help you upgrade to PHP. In addition to this, we offer services to integrate your PHP tool with different databases such as MySQL, Oracle and so on.

PHP Based Product Development Services

Hire our dedicated PHP developers to get exclusive PHP development services. We support in designing a new product as well as improving the qualities of the existing product, as per the specifications given by the clients.

Cloud Services and API

At Miri, we have attained excellence for assimilating Laravel framework on Cloud platform which give a choice of working with two main file systems by making use of the same API for both the systems. In other words, it is just like Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Storage and switch between them at any point of given time. Hire Laravel developer from Miri to get the best services as we work with large number of cloud solution for access of data and storage purpose.

Laravel Package Development

We, at Miri offer you affordable prices for Laravel package development services that can be tailored as per your business requirements. Our Laravel developers are always ready to explore specific Laravel packages development requirements including e-commerce, payment and so on to offer you the best possible Laravel solutions. As Laravel web development company, we provide the most comprehensive as well as functional solutions to suit your business needs.

Laravel Migrations Services

It is a complex process to ensure migration between older version to a newer version. With the help of just one click, hire highly proficient Laravel developers from Miri to ensure smooth migration of Laravel website or web application to the most recent Laravel version. Boost your business and enhance user experience by upgrading your Laravel web application to its most recent version.

Laravel Customization

If you generate an idea, we help you to convert it into a strategy. Our Laravel development services include modification and customization of in-built Laravel features, templates or functionality to offer distinctive services as per your business needs. Our Laravel experts have years of expertise to perform simple to complex customization for your Laravel web or application development.

Web Application Development

Miri is one stop solution if you are looking for enterprise Laravel application, rapid Laravel application or complex Laravel web application. We are highly renowned Laravel web development company that offers latest and tech-savvy Laravel web development and application development solutions to suit your business requirements.

Laravel Extension Development

If you are looking to add some additional features to your existing Laravel web application, then you can do it with the help of just one click. Hire Laravel developer from Miri to get fully featured and tailor-made Laravel extension development services to fulfill your business needs entailing payment module integration, e-commerce development and various other extension development services.

Zend Website Upgradation & Migration

Miri has great expertise in Zend framework and provides the best Zend Consulting Services that can easily fulfill all the requirements of the client. Hire Zend developers to migrate current Zend website to the new version of the Zend framework to keep your website updated as per the latest technology. Additionally, it offers bug and error free website to ensure its smooth functionality.

Zend Portal Development

Our Zend certified PHP developers makes use of advanced tools and technologies for Zend framework development services. Zend is highly lucrative as well as user-friendly framework to create web portals entailing banking, insurance portals, employee portals, government portals and so on.

Zend Customization Services

As a renowned Zend development company, we also offer Zend customization services in which Zend integrated with different business processes ease the client process and improve its productivity. We’re expert in the marketplace as our team has prepared multiple custom Zend web applications for different companies.

Zend Web & Application Development

Miri has a great team of highly skilled Zend framework developers to manage your projects with utmost efficacy. Our developers provide assistance to outshine your business to another level by making it website secure and SEO friendly with Zend framework.

QA Testing Services

As a well-known Zend development company, we offer QA testing services as well in which we perform all the QA testing which is required to ensure quality of the framework. We ensure the quality of our services & perform the security audit once the first draft of the project is prepared.

Social Networking Development

Social media is said to be one of the most useful and successful tools for the businesses in the current era. Our Zend framework development allows social networking development along with the advanced solutions of the Zend framework.

Full Stack JavaScript Development with Mean

It is evident that Mean Stack is highly favorable in programming with Full stack JavaScript development to develop feature-rich applications. Hire Mean Stack developers from Miri to attain robust, effective, reliable and flexible web and mobile apps. At Miri, we offer top-notch solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives with an ease.

Mean Stack Ecommerce Development

As Mean Stack development company, our developers build end-to-end real time e-commerce application by making use of Mean Stack technology with the main aim to deliver responsive applications. We leverage our expertise as a Mean Stack development company to offer you safer, faster and responsible dashboards for your e-commerce applications.

Mean Stack Web Development

Miri offers Mean Stack web and mobile app development servicess across the world. Geared with the technical and innovative expertise, hire Mean Stack developer from Miri to boost your business solutions for web apps beyond concepts and get it done as per your business specifications.

Mean Stack ERP Development

ERP systems are extremely crucial for any business and they can be extended to any level. At Miri, our Mean Stack developers take care of the entire system in a better way by developing on Mean Stack technology. Our Mean Stack development services add unique features to your Mean Stack ERP development such as flexible deployment, fast data delivery and so on.

Mean Stack Enterprise CMS Development

Miri is well known in the market for building unique, attractive and interactive CMS web apps that deliver high quality outcomes to its clients. Our dedicated Mean Stack developers utilize their expert skills to develop efficient and robust CMS for your business.

Mean Stack Support & Maintenance Services

Hire Mean Stack developers from Miri to attain high quality, secure, scalable and feature-packed Mean Stack solutions that are tailored as per your business needs. We are proficient with each Mean module that helps businesses in all kinds of support and maintenance services as per the requirements of a business.

CakePHP Web Development

We have a laudable team of expert developers who provide cutting-edge CakePHP web development solutions. Hire CakePHP developer from Miri to take your business to the next level of success as we assure the project delivery within the deadline. In addition to this, we have built multiple responsive websites for different industries entailing real estate, consumer products, education and so on.

Custom CakePHP Module Development

Being a renowned CakePHP development company, our seasoned and reliable CakePHP developers are proficient in managing web application development project with any sort of complexity. Our team is capable of implementing best practices of the industry to take your business to another level through CakePHP module development. Also, we offer customized end-to-end CakePHP module development to increase functionality of your site across different business segments.

CakePHP Ecommerce Development

Our CakePHP development services include CakePHP e-commerce development to help online stores that are ideal for online retailers to showcase all their e-commerce store features. Miri is always the best choice if you are looking for a fully custom developed e-commerce store utilizing CakePHP technology.

CakePHP CMS Development

Miri is a highly renowned CakePHP development company that helps you to make out the best and provide you intact CMS development. You can get the best out of your CMS development with CakePHP as our CakePHP developers can help you fulfill your website needs in the easiest and simplest manner.

CakePHP Customization

Miri is the best CakePHP development company and we are committed towards offering tailor-made solution as per the requirements of the clients. For instance, if you already have a CakePHP based web application and wants to add some more features and sections to give it a new look then, we can help you in this. Hire dedicated CakePHP developer from Miri to get customization services to revamp your website in different ways.

CakePHP Support & Maintenance

Our CakePHP development services help your website and web application keep working at optimum levels. Miri helps you develop a flexible, easy to use and feature-rich applications and our developers help you with CakePHP support and maintenance services. Right from the upgradation of CakePHP security to attain enhancement of websites, our CakePHP support and maintenance solutions cover all your business requirements.

CodeIgniter Web Development

Miri is well-known for transforming ideas into reality as our developers are proficient in delivering reliable and scalable web and mobile apps as per your business needs. Hire CodeIgniter developer from Miri to get the best web applications as per your business requirements by following standard coding instructions and strict guidelines.

CodeIgniter Custom CMS Development

Being a leading CodeIgniter development company, we have great set of experienced developers to transform your business value into data driven web applications. In addition to this, our CodeIgniter team is capable of building an efficient CMS and customize the same as per your business needs within the time constraints.

CodeIgniter API Development

Our CodeIgniter development services include integration with third party services such as payment gateways, email services, social media services, analytics and so on with multiple APIs. We have a laudable team skilled in different frameworks and they make sure to deliver quality services within the deadline.

CodeIgniter E-commerce Solution

You can easily make your e-commerce business easy and hassle-free with CI framework along with shopping cart app to manage all kinds of sensitive data with an ease. Hire CodeIgniter developer from Miri to bring changes in the design elements of your web and e-commerce applications.

Third party integration services

Being a well-known CodeIgniter service provider in the marketplace, we offer integration services for your prevailing web applications. With the help of multiple APIs, different third party services such as e-mail services, payment gateways, analytics and social media services are integrated as per your business needs.

CodeIgniter Maintenance & Support

Our CodeIgniter development services include website maintenance and upgradation as well as we make sure that your applications run even faster. We have the best maintenance engineers who have the ability to isolate and minimize your server and resource challenges and we make sure that your resources are effectively.

APIs Integration

Miri is a Joomla web development company that aim to provide quality services to its clients. Hire our Joomla developers who will work on your project to add value to your business.

Symfony Upgradation

It is really essential that your Joomla website is updated to the latest Joomla version and Miri’s Joomla Development team is just a click away to help you migrate your old Joomla websites to the latest versions.

Symfony Services

Miri’s Joomla development services also include Joomla security services as our team is committed to resolve all the issues that you face on your Joomla site such as bugs and errors. Another feather in Miri’s cap is that you can avail our services if you face issues with Joomla setup, updates & optimization as we are renowned in the industry for resolving issues and recommending the best solution.

E-commerce Solutions

Miri is always on top if you wish to modify Joomla extensions relevant to your website idea, addition of new features, change in component functionality or creation of custom component as per your requirement.

Extensions Modification

Our Joomla web development services make you sell anything with the help of tailor-made Joomla Shopping card through E-commerce solutions. Additionally, our team of experts rebuild or revamp your online store with Joomla solutions.

Website Maintenance

Miri has a great set of Joomla experts to manage your Joomla website maintenance with an ease. In regard to this, our website maintenance services have the inclusion of website hosting on optimized web hosting servers to enhance the performance of your Joomla website.

Support & Maintenance

OUR US-BASED SUPPORT IS OF HIGH QUALITY AT OPTIMAL PRICES. Various options for support are available to suit your needs, including

ON-DEMAND | Block of hours | 24*7