For Hobsons, we created a solution to improve their workflows and automation of their online application service. The online application service was for managing and tracking applications throughout the lifecycle of students. The system created by us for Hobsons supports tens of thousands of students applying to colleges and universities. The complete application management system required by us manages the volume and diversity of applications for Hobsons user community. 

The solution created by us included:

      • Application Management system
      • Contact Management System
      • Communications Module:
      • Content management module
      • Automated knowledge base/ FAQ Module  



      • Search: The search function allows students to search for different colleges and universities on the basis of criteria entered by them.  
      • Apply: After selection of college and university through the search, students can submit an application using our online application service.    
      • Applicant profiles: The applicant data is entered and saved into the common application system so it doesn’t need to be entered again.
      • Contacts dashboard: A summary of contacts, contact filters, import jobs, and export jobs is displayed on the Contacts Dashboard. All the contacts are given a source code, and there are many contacts associated with one source code. Various contact information is visible in the drop down box above the table. The contact filters and number of attributes are listed in the dashboard. When users click on linked numbers, they navigate to Contact Attributes Navigator screen or Contact Filter Navigator screen. The dashboard has an import/ export section as well, which lists known layouts for importing.        
      • Import: Contacts can be imported either by uploading a file, or by scheduling automatic import of updated contacts file 


Other features:

      • Import contacts wizard
      • Update conditions
      • Plug-ins/ Known layouts
      • Auto import feature
      • Bulk edit
      • Search new contact



      • Complete search capability
      • Streamlined application process
      • Improved communication process
      • Content management for rich interaction


Contacts: Special Imports

Information beyond the normal attribute data can be imported into the EMT system. EMT users can import relational entities such as communication logs, courses, alerts, etc.
Connect users may use the Special import feature to import Communication Logs, High School Data, and College Data. Both High School and College Data imports would replace the ACT codes used in the default picker.  

Contacts: Special Exports

Data related to contacts held outside of contact attributes can be exported from the CRM. Connect and Retain users can export relational entities such as communication logs.
Telecenter: There are three sections in the telecenter:

      • Admin
      • Manager
      • Calls


Telecenter: Admin

Telecenter admin privileges provide the user with the ability to control day to day activities in the Telecenter module.

The Telecenter administrator can perform the following functions:

      • Create New Call Job – can create a new call job
      • Manage Call Jobs – can manage all existing call jobs
      • Manage Call Results List – can create and manage the call results list used to identify a complete vs. incomplete call
      • Manage Idle Timeouts – can set the idle timeout on the call process


Telecenter: Manager

The Telecenter manager permission provides a user with pre-built call job and caller reports as well as the ability to control the caller message in the Telecenter module.

    • Call Job Reports – A pre-built report containing name, call list (filter), total contacts vs. contacts to call and contacts called. The report breaks down calls by result: call completed vs. incomplete. The report results can be viewed in reference to all jobs or jobs of certain time periods by active, inactive, or all jobs.
    • Caller Reports – Provides a report containing name, total hours, contacts per hour, call completes per hour, e-mails per hour and letters per hour. The report also breaks down the percent of time spent idle vs preparing vs calling vs working results, e-mails, and letters. The report results can also be viewed looking at all jobs or jobs of certain time periods by active, inactive, all, or specific call job.
    • Message – Provides following message seen by callers seen when they first log in.