The JFGFleet app is used to find our nearest resting place during journey according to our longitude and latitude location.

This app is basically based on the concept of let you know about your nearest resting place, hotel while you are on journey.

Some time it happens during a journey that you are travelling for miles. You feel hunger, want to take bath, want to sleep for a while but you can’t do this because you do not have any information about nearest restroom, hotel.

Keeping all the mentioned concerns in mind the JFG Fleet app is developed, in which the GPS service is used to track the locations. With the help of this app we can find our nearest resting place with the amenity of what services are offered by that resting place.

This app is also quite helpful for truck drivers, as to travel is their daily work and with the help of this app they can easily find nearest rest room. This can lists nearest 4 truck-stops, according to your longitude and latitude location.