Sandisk Survey is a web application that is installed to the user’s server. After installation users can manage Survey from a web-interface. Users can use rich text in questions and messages, using a rich text editor, and images and videos can be integrated into the survey.


The layout and design of the survey can be modified under a template system. Templates can be changed in a WYSIWYG HTML editor. Additionally, templates can be imported and exported through the template editor. Once a survey is finalized, the user can activate it, making it available for respondents to view and answer. Likewise, questions can also be imported and exported through the editor interface.


Sandisk Survey provides basic statistical and graphical analysis of survey results. Surveys can either be publicly accessible or be strictly controlled through the use of “once-only” tokens, granted only to selected participants. Additionally, participants can be anonymous, or Sandisk Survey can track the IP addresses of the participants.


A much more detailed listing of features can be found on the Sandisk Survey web page.

    • Sandisk Survey should unlimited number of surveys at the same time
    • It should unlimited number of questions in a survey (only limited by your database)
    • It should unlimited number of participants to a survey
    • This is Multi-lingual surveys
    • Easy to manage user.
    • Various type of questions using in this survey
    • Integration of pictures and movies into a survey
    • Creation of a printable survey version
    • Re-usable editable answer sets
    • Ready-made importable questions
    • Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey
    • Open and closed group of participant surveys
    • Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email