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Magento is contemplated as one of the best e-commerce platforms available in the market.

It is an open-source software that is written in PHP which has varied variety of tools for e-commerce development but you would definitely require Magento experts for the development of this platform. In regard to this, Miri is the best Magento development company that offers the best Magento development services. We allow our clients to articulate their business objectives from migrating an online presence to digital transformation through our Magento development services. As a well-established Magento development company, we aim to deliver the best user experience by providing support for multistore functionality. We do not let our clients to settle for less as we give them the leverage to get visuals and functions of their company’s website to look as they have imagined it to be.

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Magento Development Services

Miri offers the best Magento development services to help you to transform your dreams into reality. We are trusted partners as we work with dedication, hard work and commitment. Some of the significant features of our services include SEO-readiness, deep analytics, marketing tools and so on. Following are the services that we offer under Magento development services:

Magento Extension Development

Miri understands your needs and develops extensions to match your requirements. Miri is the best choice if you are looking for creating Magento extension for your personal e-commerce store or you aim to integrate your SAAS services to Magento customers through Magento extension. As a renowned Magento development company, we can help you develop tailor-made Magento extensions with extreme precisions. Hire Magento Developer from us to get bug free coding that adheres to Magento principles.

Responsive Magento Theme Development from PSD

Miri offers responsive Magento Theme Development services to create an attractive and eye-catching visual design with user-friendly layout. Miri makes sure that the design created by our Magento experts matches your brand image. As a Magento development agency, we are famous for pixel perfect Magento theme development from PSD, PNG, AI, JPG, SKETCH and other similar file formats.

Custom Magento Web Development

Miri is well-known for offering the best Magento development services that help you grow your business at a fast pace. We are engaged in Custom Magento Web Development services in which we design websites that ensure high performance and increase business growth. In addition to this, we offer services to outspread the functionality of your Magento websites.

Upgrade to Magento 2

Magento 2 Migration might sound like a complex procedure but it is lucrative for long run as Magento 2 would not have any sort of security patches which are commonly found in Magento 1. Hire Magento developers to get the smoothest experience of Magento 2 migration for your business and get the perk of zero loss in store data as well as SEO. Our Magento team will help you to achieve project success by ensuring lossless transition of prevailing orders along with customer data during migration to Magento 2.

Magento Support and Maintenance Services

It is evident that regular maintenance is really important for great customer experience and online success and our dedicated Magento team cares for all your e-commerce site maintenance needs such as security, customization, optimization, site updates and so on. As Magento web development company, we are committed towards providing quality services to ensure great client experiences.

Payment and Shipping Integration

The main essence of any e-commerce business includes its Payment & Shipping gateways and the best part is that Magento already supports top payment and shipping gateways by default. As Magento e-commerce development company, we offer third party Payment Gateway & Shipping integration, recurring billing setup and e-wallets setup.

Our Magento Development Services Expertise

Miri offers varied array of Magento Development Services across the globe. With years of expertise, we provide world-class services & our developers are Magento Certified and are hailed as Magento experts. Following are the domains in which we deal:

Goods & Services

As a Magento development agency, we offer our services to Goods & Services industry and offer them customized solutions as per their requirement.

Fashion & Designing

Miri’s dedicated team of Magento experts cater to the requirement of Fashion & Designing industry. We have years of expertise & a successful track record in the Fashion & Designing domain.

B2B & C2C E-commerce

Miri’s Magento development company understands the caliber of an open source Magento to offer a full featured B2B or B2C Ecommerce store. We offer our Magento services to start-ups, B2B and B2B e-commerce enterprises as well.

Medical E-commerce

We extend our Magento services to Medical e-commerce domain that enable providers to provide enhanced medical care on an online platform with improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

Production E-Commerce

Nowadays, the market is highly unpredictable and we help you to smoothen your business processes to stand out in the market through Magento e-commerce development even in the Production e-commerce domain.

Vendor E-Commerce

Miri offers Magento e-commerce development services to Vendor e-commerce domain to help them to grow in the market and remain business focused to get ahead of its competitors.

Our Case Studies

As a leading Software Development Company, we make use of significant and latest methodology to complete your Magento projects


Migrating to latest version of SharePoint

A&D needed to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 in order to enhance storage, userfriendliness and security across the site.


Developing a pipeline for partner opportunities

The client wanted an internal process that would allow Asurion Geo Leads and their delegates to submit partner opportunities into their new business pipeline via a “Submit AIC Opportunity” registration form. They wanted this process to be standardized, repeatable and transparent. Also, each opportunity would need to go through four different levels of approval before launch.


Automating a manual CSAT reporting process

The client had been using a manual process for handling data and generating CSAT reports. Once the data was collected and placed within Excel sheets, it required some clean up, clubbing up and filtering of the data. Then, all the data in the fields needed to be verified manually to generate specific reports. This operation was challenging and labor intensive.


Creating a centralized employee evaluation system

In an exponentially growing organization with offices in Germany and India, there was a need to implement a centralized system to evaluate employee performance.


Branding intranet portal with new theme

Netgear wanted to redesign their intranet portal—which had been created in SharePoint 2010—to be in alignment with their current brand standards and the latest design trends. In addition, they were using some premium web parts to which the new design also needed to be implemented. This would require exacting attention to detail since our work would be done on a live intranet portal.