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Node.js is an open source platform with cross-platform back-end technology to build server-side network web applications. It makes use of event-driven and non-blocking mode for the app development with fast back-end. Node.js is very renowned in the modern era as it offers great set of opportunities to developers and enhances the effectiveness of the engineering teams.

As Node.js development company, we have powered multiple websites with this technology and we have various happy clients. Our Node.js developers have great expertise in providing highly productive web and mobile applications with this technology.

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As Node.js development company, we make sure to deliver our services with resources that commit to cost-effective Node.js web development for event-driven applications along with their functional characteristics. Miri has a team of expert Node.js developers who have worked on various aspects of resources to help you attain the best of Node.js specifications for the development of your mobile and web applications. Our Node.js services include the following:

API Development & Integration

Hire Node.js developers from Miri for API development and integration and get sound web and mobile applications as per your business requirements. Basically, it is the procedure of merging development work with the master numerous times a day to enhance the functionality of applications.

Web App Development

It is a kind of framework which is used by our Node.js developers in order to create real-time and scalable web applications. The main objective of our web app development service is to ensure that you get what you exactly want from Node.js development to fulfill your business needs.

Plugins Development

At Miri, our full-stack Node.js application developers are highly capable in developing great web apps for all kinds of businesses. Hire Node.js developers from Miri to get great services at affordable prices as our developers use this plugin to write back-end in JavaScript.

Client-side Development

Miri has a great expertise in client-side development to make sure that its clients are happy with the development services. As Node.js development company, we develop modern and feature-rich web and mobile based applications utilizing Node.js platform.

IoT App Development

Miri’s Node.js solutions include the development of the most secure, reliable and data-intensive IoT applications for different business verticals. Our Node.js developers are highly skilled in creating the best mobile and web applications using JavaScript; which is the most renowned programming language among the developers across the globe.

Node.js Chatbot Development

Our Node.js development services aim to enhance customer services with improved security, speed and reliability. The best part is that our Node.js developers work as per your business requirements to help you stand out in the market.

Our Node.js development services Expertise

Our Node.js development services help you to make your business sound and astounding in the marketplace. Hire Node.js developers from Miri to get quick, robust and highly scalable solutions (web & mobile) with the highest quality standards for multiple industries entailing:


As Node.js development company, we provide top-notch finance and banking solutions to businesses which enhance their market, operational efficacy and cost leadership. Our Node.js developers build innovative banking and finance solutions such as block chain wallets, payment gateways and other specifications.


Our Node.js development services include different kinds of mobile and web applications with multiple specifications and functions such as fitness monitoring, disease-symptom check, homecare tips, hospital locating and so on. Also, we offer professional healthcare application development teams to all kinds of businesses who build economic, compliance fit and sound solution.


Miri has in-depth understanding of Sports and Entertainment domain and our development team is proficient in developing impactful solutions entailing gaming applications, digital solutions, media applications and so on to cater your business requirements. Hire Node.js developer from Miri to get astounding sports and entertainment applications as our team is expert in offering solutions as per your business requirements.


Miri believes in technical era if it comes to education and e-learning and we offer tailored services for education and e-learning providers as per their requirements. Our Node.js consulting services provide both learners and educators with handy and easy-to-use education mobile and web apps. Also, we offer custom as well as platform-based LMS for end-to-end education process support.


Real estate is said to have the most gigantic potential of technology incorporation and our Node.js developers work harder to offer innovative and latest solutions for the real estate and housing sector. Miri is famous for offering world-class services as we create pioneering solutions such as web portals, mobile apps, web apps and software solutions for real estate domain.


Miri is best known for offering technological solutions for travel and tourism domain as our expert Node.js developers are highly skilled in developing business solutions as per the specific requirements of clients. Additionally, our travel application team understands the industry terms and guide you address and fulfill the growing demands from user, investors and other stakeholders.

Our Case Studies

As a leading Software Development Company, we make use of significant and latest methodology to complete your Node.js projects


Migrating to latest version of SharePoint

A&D needed to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 in order to enhance storage, userfriendliness and security across the site.


Developing a pipeline for partner opportunities

The client wanted an internal process that would allow Asurion Geo Leads and their delegates to submit partner opportunities into their new business pipeline via a “Submit AIC Opportunity” registration form. They wanted this process to be standardized, repeatable and transparent. Also, each opportunity would need to go through four different levels of approval before launch.


Automating a manual CSAT reporting process

The client had been using a manual process for handling data and generating CSAT reports. Once the data was collected and placed within Excel sheets, it required some clean up, clubbing up and filtering of the data. Then, all the data in the fields needed to be verified manually to generate specific reports. This operation was challenging and labor intensive.


Creating a centralized employee evaluation system

In an exponentially growing organization with offices in Germany and India, there was a need to implement a centralized system to evaluate employee performance.


Branding intranet portal with new theme

Netgear wanted to redesign their intranet portal—which had been created in SharePoint 2010—to be in alignment with their current brand standards and the latest design trends. In addition, they were using some premium web parts to which the new design also needed to be implemented. This would require exacting attention to detail since our work would be done on a live intranet portal.