Kaizen portal is developed for Bristlecone to improve their business effectiveness. In order to become a Total Quality Management driven organization continuous improvement has to become a way of life.

To drive continuous improvement Kaizen Reward Scheme is launched through this application. Since this is an organization wide activity so we have automated most of the processes with the help of this portal.

Submission of Kaizen

      • All employees in Bristlecone have an access to upload their Kaizen forms and other relevant documents onto the portal
      • Once the Kaizen is submitted it generates a unique number for each KAIZEN
      • A notification that an employee has submitted a Kaizen Form goes to the Business Excellence team

Evaluation of Kaizen

      • A Kaizen Evaluation Committee accesses the portal once every fortnight to evaluate all the Kaizen that have been submitted
      • It can update its feedback on the portal ( Kaizen accepted/Rejected, Modifications suggested) and the feedback goes to the person who has submitted the Kaizen
      • Person can modify and resubmit the Kaizen only once. In this case the version will be changed automatically and it will be considered by the Kaizen evaluation committee in the next evaluation cycle.
      • At a point of time each Kaizen has a status such as Submitted/Evaluated/ Closed

Awarding the Kaizen

      • Kaizen Reward scheme is based on accumulation of Kaizen points. Thus Kaizen points collected by an employee are calculated automatically through the portal.
      • The points are cumulative for a period of one year. Also the Department logs highest number of points annually and it is rewarded.
      • The information of an employee’s department is also captured.

Reporting the Kaizen

      • Management can download reports from the Portal as per the specified template.
      • The report also contains details of the award to be given based on the predefined criteria.
      • The kaizen reward scheme is developed calendar year based reward scheme.


    1. Responsive Web Design: The design of the application is responsive and suitable for all available devices, and platforms. It provides best viewing experience for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling.
    2. Cross Browsers: The website is very user friendly and consistent when it is visited from various browsers. The look and feel does not change with changing browsers.
    3. Complex Reporting: There is a pretty complex reporting for displaying, and easy to use Dashboard to show the information on different levels using Nested Data Lists.
    4. Roll Up Feature: Roll up functionality on all the forms to show the information entered previously by other Employees.