Miri Corporate Portal

Miri Corporate Portal is a web based application developed in share point. It contains lot of feature which helps to make the Leave and HR process smooth and easy to handle.

Leave Management system contains lot of various modules like Apply new Leave, Leave Cancellation,  Apply Comp off/WHF and also having various reports like Total Leave Balance report, Total Applied Leave report, Total Cancelled Leave report, Total applied Comp off/WFH report.

HR Module contains very good features which help to keep the records of each and every employee. It helps to keep the information like employee’s date of joining, Date of birth, employee’s personal Information, employee’s reporting manager etc.

Miri Corporate Portal also provides the feature of common document repository. In this, users can keep the document related to project, technology etc at this common place which will be accessible by company’s employees and also provides the feature of gallery where company’s employee can share pictures and videos.

Dashboard is the most amazing feature of the Miri Portal. It provides brief information of employee’s profile, Task List, New Announcement, Appointment & Meetings etc.

One of the new exciting features has been added in the Miri Internal feature: – Social Site.
This section relates to Social Networking site like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In twitter section, system will show the persons who are followers of Miri InfoTech and to whom Miritech is following. In Face book and LinkedIn section, system will show the details of the person who belongs to Miri InfoTech group at the Face book and LinkedIn website.


      1. Leave Module:-
        1. New leave apply
        2. Cancel leave
        3. Apply WFH/Comp off


      1. HR Module:-
        1. Facility to enter details of Employees
        2. Facility to Delete/Edit employee’s details
        3. Facility to insert/edit annual leaves of employees
        4. Access of employee entry form which shows brief descriptions of employees


      1. Document Center:-
        1. Facility to upload documents
        2. Check out
        3. Check in
        4. Cancel check out
        5. Download document
        6. Set document permissions
        7. Private – only owner can see. It is not searchable
        8. Read Only – the document owner can designate users who can read these documents. It is searchable.
        9. My Public Documents – Accessible to all and searchable.
        10. Other Public Documents – Documents owned by other users which have read & write permissions


      1. Gallery:-
        1. Pictures
        2. Videos


      1. Dashboard:-
        1. User’s Profile Information like Employee ID, Date of Joining, Date of birth, Designation, Reporting Manager, Total work experience etc.
        2. Task List
        3. New Announcement
        4. New appointment & Meetings
        5. New Document Added


      1. Timesheet:-
        1. Facility to enter time sheet on hourly basis for particular date
        2. Reporting manager and HR is able to see employee’s Time sheet.


      1. Social Site:-


      1. Twitter – Users will appear who are followers of Miri group and to whom Miri is following.                        
      1.  Facebook – Users will appear who are added in Miri List at Facebook.
      2. LinkedIn – Users will appear who are added in Miri List at LinkedIn.
      1. Reports:-
        1. Leave application report
        2. Leave Cancellation report
        3. Leave balance report
        4. WFH comp off report
        5. Time sheet report


1.Leave Module:-

      1. Apply for leave:-
        1. Apply new leave.
        2. TL approval
        3. Manager approval
        4. Notification to HR and Requestor


      1. Leave cancellation:-
        1. Apply Leave cancellation
        2. Manager approval
        3. HR approval
        4. Notification to Requestor


      1. WFH/Comp off:-
        1. Apply for WFH/Comp off
        2. Manager approval
        3. HR approval
        4. Notification Requestor


There are many reports available with various filters. There is also Export Functionality in the .xls format.