Financial Transaction Services for Payments


January 13, 2017


  • Financial Transaction Service (FTS) for payment application is used for the university campus, Institutions, and Colleges. It provides the functionality and services for payment requests to account payable.
  • FTS for payment provides the requisition and reimbursement for payment regarding to order.
  • Employees to create purchase and payment requests (Requisition and Vouchers: Direct Payments and Employee/Student Reimbursements) for their department.

Characteristics of FTS for Payment

  • Requisition for the purchasing/payment.
  • Direct payment voucher for purchasing/payment.
  • Reimbursement for purchasing/payment.
  • User and Role management.
  • Setup of Approval Structure for single level of approvals.
  • Emailing and Communicate to users at every stage.
  • Handling Accounts, Funds, Projects, Classes, User Security, and Module Security.

MIRI FTS for Payments Support

When you join to the MIRI FTS for Payments, your AWS commercial center membership will be naturally distinguished. MIRI FTS for Payments provides technical support for installation and setup issues through our support center.

Contact No. at- +1 (510)298-5936


24*7 Hrs facility is available. Client can contact us at anytime.

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