Miri discloses top 7 ways to enable remote work!


April 22, 2020


Due to the vast spread of COVID-19 cases in the last couple of months, most of the companies have planned their transition to remote work infrastructure. Being a renowned IT consulting firm, we also encouraged our employees to work remotely from their homes so that they can stay safe amid the Coronavirus outbreak. From the USA to India, hundreds of Miri’s employees in affected areas have started working from home. Many of our clients have requested us to share the details of how we enable remote work for such a large workforce dispersed in different regions.

Miri has always been prepared for uncertainties and we have spent a lot of time to transform end-user productivity across the firm. Miri always makes sure that its employees have all the tools, resources and solutions to act as productive and creative as possible so that they do not feel any kind of difficulty while working from any location or on any device. In the below section, we have highlighted some of the top ways we enable remote work at Miri and we hope that you find them useful in the tough time of COVID-19. It is evident that each company is at a varied stage of their journey to success and we totally get that and we are willing to share our journey to remote infrastructure. With this, let’s dive into some top ways through which our Miri team has enabled remote work.

Device Management:

At Miri, we manage a major variety of devices such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Since we heard of the global Pandemic outbreak so, we allotted different devices that employees could take home as per their work requirements. We use the mobile device management system (MDM) to quickly set up Mac computers, Windows and iPad with settings, restrictions to ensure the remote work of our employees.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is needed to access any corporate resource at Miri as when a user connects remotely to our domain using Miri work credentials on a device that we manage, multi-factor authentication is mostly transparent to ensure security.

Productivity Applications:

We make sure that the productivity of our employees does not get compromised as they are working remotely from home. For this purpose, we are making use of Hubstaff tracking software to track the activities and time of our employees so that they can have the feeling that they are working in office premises.

Sufficient Bandwidth Assurance:

Poor network quality is one of the most common issues faced by employees while working remotely. So, we made sure that all our employees have an appropriate internet plan that includes sufficient data, as they are spending most of their day in video calls.

Appropriate Virtual Collaboration:

Communication is really important whether an employee is working remotely or in the office premises and we made sure that all our employees have the right kind of tools to communicate with each other. In this regard, we are making use of Skype, Zoom for effective communication. The presence of appropriate applications to conduct virtual meetings makes employees feel loved to develop a unified company culture.

Setting Realistic Goals:

The fact cannot be ignored that people are likely to work differently at home than they do at the office. Some employees are more productive at home whereas others find it difficult to maintain a balanced schedule. Also, we make sure to schedule regular virtual meetings and agree on the tasks that we can all focus on individually. Discussion of to-do lists helps the team to lay emphasis on their tasks while working from home.


It is true that enabling a team to work remotely is an on-going challenge for every organization these days. We really hope that you find our approach useful and if you’re still unable to ensure effective remote infrastructure within the organization. Miri is there to help you with its remote resources as per your time zone. Don’t miss the opportunity and contact us to get remote resources immediately. You can also use the chat option on our website for further communication. Let’s keep the conversation going there!

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