ONMRT – Online Marketing Tool


October 8, 2018


Online Marketing Tool (ONMRT) is one of the most cost-effective and time saving methods.

This platform eliminates errors, and improve efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels. It is fully customizable according to user’s needs. Use and run it according to your business needs. Another great thing about this tool is its lightweight UI and fast, personal customer support. It does a great job of providing basic functionality in a way that is very easy for even non-technical users to take advantage of.


Inclusion of a readymade market based email templates and it doesn’t stop here as it also indulges its own approach of monitoring digital conversations to actually get deep insights about what exactly customers want to say or what they mean. The most essential thing for every organization is its leads and future automation provides a database for sales leads through which employees of the company can easily use and manage them for their future benefits and will also be able to generate profits.


  • Lead Nurturing, Scoring and Grading
  • Marketing Lead Database
  • Building and Personalizing Emails: Create and send professional email newsletters with ease.
  • Landing Pages and Forms

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