Salesforce Lightning: A game changer in the marketplace!


January 7, 2020


The new and exciting version of Salesforce: Salesforce Lightning has been in the limelight for its exhilarating specifications. The Lightning experience of Salesforce proves that this new Salesforce UI has a broader and more convenient feature set to help you get ahead of your competitors. The current article explicates how Salesforce Lightning can help Salesforce users drive business despite its limitations. First of all, this new version helps in enhancing the productivity of the sales teams as Lightning UI helps each team member to organize and modify their homepage in a manner they find convenient and get quick access to the most prerequisite records (entailing tricky opportunities, allocated and pending tasks and many more).

The new version of Salesforce is really very helpful as this gives a feature of Path component and sales representatives can be guided through the entire sales process with the help of the Path component. This component stimulates the actions to be taken at each phase while working with a lead and this can be a turnaround strategy for the sales team. Additionally, the efficiency of the sales team can be improved through the Activity timeline.

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With the help of this feature, sales reps can easily maintain track of what strategies have been planned and accomplished for a peculiar lead, opportunity or an account. In this manner, sales can administer their subordinates’ work in a better manner.

Lightning experience has undoubtedly enhanced integration with Einstein AI which ultimately helps Lightning users to attain access to these Einstein AI features. Not only this, Lightning experience has better capability to qualify leads, understand the behavior of leads and plan the next steps accordingly to forestall user demands on goods and services to serve them better.

Comparison to Salesforce Classic:

If you want loyal customers that can help you generate higher income then, Salesforce Lightning is a better option than Salesforce Classic. The Einstein Account Insights feature allows businesses to develop expanded consumer profiles in order to use them to give them a customized experience. Apart from this, Lightning gives improved visual reporting to display the analyzed data which ultimately saves time and results in the higher quality of reporting.

For the creation of modern Salesforce apps, the Lightning version is like a blessing for the developers. Also, integration with different third-party apps becomes easier and more accessible for developers and administrators. Apart from this, the addition of custom components to the interface becomes possible which gives better opportunities for personalization. These features make the Lightning version better than Classic.

Other Side of the Coin:

Since there are two sides to a coin, which means that this new version of Salesforce has some limitations as well. One of the major limitations of Lightning is that all the attributes and features of Classic are not available in Lightning. However, keeps updating and enhances it thrice a year.

Future Uncertainty:

Despite its limitations, Salesforce Lightning is lucrative for businesses to earn great revenues. Also, there is a possibility of uncertainty about how long Salesforce Classic interface support will be available. In order to avoid such kind of situation and protect your organization from being automatically rolled over to Lightning when you are not even prepared, make a smart and planned switch by taking assistance from Miri’s Salesforce implementation consultant.

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Migration: Classic to Lightning:

The above discussion shows that Lightning is a good option and opens more opportunities to drive business. In order to attain more of a comprehensive picture of what new Salesforce UI has to offer to your business, take help from our Salesforce consultants with the help of just one click.

Salesforce Consulting Services:

Want an expert opinion on your Salesforce solution or want to migrate to Lightning? Our Salesforce certified consultants will evaluate your current Salesforce abilities to offer you the best solution to suit your business requirements.

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