Salesforce Predictions 2020: What does the Future Hold for Salesforce?


March 3, 2020


Salesforce is contemplated as the market leader in CRM that has been in the spotlight in the world of sales and marketing of products along with the services across multiple industries. Nowadays, companies are able to use individual consumer data in order to communicate with their respective customers at large scale by utilizing real-time messages, constantly varying data and so on. This sort of interaction with customers helps companies to understand their customer’s needs in a better manner to serve them in the best possible manner and retain them in such a highly competitive environment.

“Salesforce is one of the most advanced software that is designed to cater to the requirements of the growing demands of every industry. In 2014, 47% of the total CRM software revenue was generated from the SaaS-based CRM application. Unquestionably, Salesforce rules worldwide as it has more than 19% of the CRM market currently.”

In the modern business era, companies are moving towards Salesforce to enhance organizational growth and business productivity. Salesforce has been in hype since long due to its extraordinary features and it is supposed to become a prominent part of the business world in 2020.

What will be the 2020 Salesforce trends?

Here’s a brief overview of what you might expect to see Salesforce trends in 2020:
More CRM Weightage
Salesforce has created a storm with its great acquisitions in 2019 and most of them reached up to billions of dollars. In addition to this, it aims to bring numerous technological changes into its future CRM by offering via these acquisitions, some of them involve synchronizing enterprise data in the cloud, location-based intelligence software integration, AI-based communication tools, outlining data analytics and data visualization and enhancing field service offering in Salesforce Service Cloud.

Enriching Salesforce Lightning Experience

Salesforce Lightning was released in the year 2015 which is mainly regarded as the backend of the Salesforce platform and is used to enhance user experience. This software has become popular as a result of its great functionality due to which Salesforce is going to add more functionality this year. In 2020, Salesforce is likely to introduce newer and great features to its Lightning platform which can also make many companies migrate from the Classic platform to the Lightning platform. To ensure effective migration, you can also opt for Salesforce consulting services from top software development companies.
Superior Marketing Cloud:
It is evident that you are going to observe bigger marketing cloud of this website and customers are adapting Salesforce without a second thought due to its great versatility. It is clear that many customers are going to go for this software as a result of its vast series of skills and expertise in this domain in the year 2020.
Amalgamated customer profile through customer 360:
There are many organizations in the market that are switching to Customer 360 to collect data from sales, marketing and other units of the organization to transform the same data into something that can make it easier for business organizations to predict sales opportunities, work on marketing plan, resolve customer service issues and determine better product recommendations. Making use of Salesforce customer 360 will allow organizations to deliver custom-made experiences to customers. Looking at its immense growth, Salesforce has made in Mulesoft and Customer 360, one can assume the advent of a unified customer profile in 2020.
Sellers needing more mobile:
It is really essential for companies like Salesforce to keep the mobility requirements of sellers on the priority that are not being fulfilled. Furthermore, the commencement of 5G mobile networks is making it more important to improve the speed, security as well as reliability of enterprise and customer-grade mobile experiences. To manage these technical barriers between sellers and selling, Salesforce has launched mobile SDK which widens its mobile capabilities beyond field service agents. It is perceived that Salesforce is definitely going to take more steps to bring more advancement in mobility to different horizons to enhance sales capabilities.
Salesforce cum Dreamforce 2020:
Salesforce is definitely a big flagship development affair and there has been a constant increase in the number of organizations utilizing the services of renowned Salesforce consulting companies in the market to realize the investment made on the CRM within a short span of time.
Let us gear up and hope that these predictions transform into reality in the year 2020 so that 2020 turns out to be a great year for Salesforce.

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