What is the cost of migration to SharePoint 2016?


July 9, 2020


Planning an up-gradation to Microsoft SharePoint 2016 then, you are at the right post as the current blog will explicate how much this migration is going to cost you.

It depends on numerous aspects and variables and this blog will tell you how each variable affects the cost so that you can make a prudent decision.

Value of SharePoint 2016

One of the most important aspects is that the cost of migration to SharePoint 2016 needs to be weighed against the value that this platform can offer to determine its actual worth. From the technical perspective, SharePoint 2016 is highly reliable as well as scalable as compared to its previous versions. The new version can bring more benefits to big businesses and it is very fruitful for their growth. In addition, the new version of SharePoint provides better integration with Office 365 along with seamless cloud integration.

While moving to SharePoint 2016, it is important to think of the money spend on as a part of the investment that can help the business to run more effectively in the near future.

Variables that affect the cost of moving to SharePoint 2016

There are various variables that affect the pricing of migration to SharePoint 2016 and they include purchasing new licenses or up-gradation of existing licenses. Overall, you must consider the price of upgrading your primary infrastructure along with the cost of migration of all your content to the new system.

Training Cost

Also, you would need to consider the cost of managing the change in your company. For this purpose, you would have to provide training to your employees to use the new system effectively. The cost of training can depend on various factors such as the number of employees in the organization, their level of expertise, and what version of SharePoint you are upgrading from.

Some other variables include:

Current version of SharePoint:

The current version of SharePoint: Usually, moving or migration to SharePoint is not that expensive if you are already using its latest version, i.e. SharePoint 2013. This is because Microsoft only supports up-gradation from SharePoint 2013 but not from its other older versions like SharePoint 2003, 2007, or 2010. For instance, if you are making use of an older version then you need to update to SharePoint 2013 first and then, you can update the same to 2016 but this can be quite overpriced as well as time-consuming. One of the best alternatives is to make use of a migration tool like Metaogix Content Matrix or ShareGate to upgrade your older version of SharePoint to the latest version: SharePoint 2016.

Understanding of the features that have been removed in SharePoint 2016

It is evident that Microsoft leaves no chance to remove features that are not majorly used and replace those that do not work well when it updates its software. So, if you are making use of any of these features then you need to come up with a plan to manage the change which can definitely increase the cost as well as the time of migration.

Customisation of existing SharePoint system

You must know that the custom settings that you have implemented on your SharePoint system may not automatically get transferred to SharePoint 2016. For this, you might have to upgrade your customizations and setting them up again on the new system.

Third-party tools

You need to upgrade the tools to the latest version which can include upgradation or new license cost as the third-party tools that you are using with your current SharePoint version may not work well with SharePoint 2016.

Final Words

One of the most significant aspects to know how much SharePoint 2016 will cost you is to know your current SharePoint system appropriately by making a complete inventory of your content and customization. This would help you know what requires to move to the new platform. There is no fixed cost of migration to SharePoint 2016 as there are different variables that impact its cost as discussed in the above section. These factors can help you in finding an estimated cost of migration to SharePoint 2016 for your organization.

Want to migrate to SharePoint 2016?

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