Will 2020 be a game-changer for Node.js?


March 18, 2020


The popularity of Node.js has grown in the last couple of years and companies are mainly laying emphasis on the potentialities of Node.js. It is a great framework that is the amalgamation of libraries, helpers and various other tools that allow you to create and develop great web apps without any difficulty. One of the best things about Node.js is that it provides your web platform a robust base to build upon and secure your online presence. Talking about statistics:

  • js is expected to rule the year 2020 due to its great functionality.
  • According to Similar Tech, it is the most popular framework in the US as approximately 28,000 websites make use of it.
  • As per W3techs, the framework is utilized by high traffic websites entailing Netflix, PayPal, Groupon and so on.

Most Popular Node.js Frameworks:

Node.js has a great number of frameworks that play a vital role in driving the web development vertical for the year 2020. Node.js is highly economic in nature and has gained worldwide popularity among the developers alongside it has alleviated the development cost by approximately 12% annually. The renowned Node.js frameworks have gained utmost popularity in taking this framework to huge heights of success in the year 2020.


Express.js is a quick, renowned and flexible platform that provides a great collection of features for the web as well as mobile application development. It provides assistance to developers to work effectively and quickly without any kind of hassle. Also, Express.js is ranked as the 11th most popular framework to work upon among the top most 10k other frameworks.


Meteor.js is highly user-friendly and a simplistic Node.js framework that is full-stack and highly compatible with Android, Desktop or iOS. Most of the full-stack developers work on this framework to help enterprises grow and enhance and it has now become the fourth most renowned and used framework in India.


Nest.js is a framework that allows an application to be developed in a highly scalable manner. It is greatly inspired by Angular in is features and possesses a strong base of TypeScript. The best part is that it is highly compatible with Node.js servers as well as JavaScript Libraries.


Koa.js has a phenomenal user base along with 28K Github stars. It is very easy to use framework as it is an extremely lightweight and requires fewer codes to get the work done. It is a middleware framework that can take two types of functions, entailing:

  • Async function
  • Common function

Key advanced features that make Node.js 2020 Ready:

It is evident that the development with the Node.js is highly productive, efficient as per the requirements of the clients. Some of the major advanced features that make Node.js framework 2020 ready:

Serverless and Hardware Free Solution

One of the most fruitful features of Node.js is that it removes aspects such as hardware and server maintenance from performance deciding factors. This helps in saving cost as well as in reducing the time which ultimately improves the productivity of the developers.


Microservices offered by Node.js framework is really helpful in enhancing the maintenance of the codes.


The framework alleviates logic redundancy and can be easily used by multiple applications.

Node.js: Game Changer for 2020 or not?

Node.js has emerged as one of the universal frameworks for the development of the majority of applications and its benefits have been increasing rapidly with time.

  • js has simplified application of multiple attributes and features in both vertical and horizontal positions as well.
  • This framework is highly in demand and very easy to learn due to its great features and capabilities.
  • It is one of the most advanced full-stack software development framework as it gives power to the developer to work upon the client and server applications at the same time.
Wrap Up:

Node.js plays a vital role in the technology stack and provides highly scalable, cheaper and independent services. These trends are definitely going to make it a highly renowned in the market in 2020 and the trends will surely play a decisive role in Node.js web application development. Hire Node.js developers from Miri if you want assistance in hassle-free web app development. Being a top-notch Node.js Development Company, we deliver a great platform to the clients as per their requirements and desired features in the application.

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