All About Fault Tolerant Architecture on AWS!!!


August 28, 2019


Does your website require longer browsing time or are you facing management problems with servers? Has it ever happened to you that the web server on which your website is hosted crashed?

Well, if all of the above or even one has happened to you then its time you get a smart solution for this.  You will get all your answers in the upcoming webinar that you are already registered on. This Fault-Tolerant webinar will perk you with the benefits of migrating and hosting your Website workloads to AWS.  It will mainly focus on the reliability, less complexity, and more scalability be it in terms of business purposes or in terms of organizational perspective.

We will drive you with the key concepts of our architecture which can be operated without any service disruption or interruption for a long time having redundant components. We are choosing AWS for this demonstration as it stands out among various cloud providers and fully liberates you with the heavy server problems and especially their costing issues.

This webinar will showcase the architectural diagram to host your website on the cloud platform which will be scalable, fault-tolerant and easy to set up. The architecture will include the core services by AWS such as EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, Route 53, etc. You will be able to identify the different layers of services needed to run a high-traffic Website.

All services will be isolated and centralized to improve development productivity by defining a suitable mechanism to deploy code. This system can be used for a fresh deployment as well as to migrate the existing website on to the cloud platform. With our system, your organization will have the ability to dramatically reshape the infrastructure and workloads to accommodate the needs of today without being chained to the equipment and assets that made sense in the past. You can retain the freedom to make those changes to ensure your IT infrastructure matches the needs of the moment.

So, don’t forget to be on time because you will learn all these amazing things that too free. We will deliver results by providing the most agile and high-quality services by keeping our customers in focus and increase their competitive advantage by collaborating strategy with people and culture.

Come and join us:


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