E-commerce Website Requirements: Does your e-commerce platform ensures customer satisfaction?


January 29, 2020


Customers Expectation!

What constitutes a good e-commerce site in 2020?

In the current technological era, customers expect a fully-fledged web store that delivers a standard and memorable shopping experience. They are determined and curious to know what they are buying, and from whom. Here, the question is how do you know if your e-commerce platform will help channel up good sales? What can be the website requirements for your e-commerce business to ensure customer satisfaction?

Responsive web design:

It is apparently true that mobile phones are an indispensable part of everyday life. As per the survey, most of the people spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones and almost every client these days require a mobile version of their website. It has become really essential to design web as well as mobile website that is compatible with android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle and so on. Nowadays, people want to have internet accessibility from their smartphones without any glitch or anomaly. In regard to this, Responsive Web Design is really helpful and automatically adapts a web store to the mobile device that is being widely utilized without distorting the view. Henceforth, there is a possibility of losing many potential customers by disregarding mobile compatibility.

Key requirements for e-commerce website:

Appealing and easy-to-navigate Web Store Design:

An appealing online store persuades customers from visiting the website and inspiring them to explore the available products to finally luring them to make the purchase. According to a study, you have 10 seconds to leave an imprint on an online visitor to tell them what they can get out of your webpage and the given products. If you are incapable to catch their attention within that time, then they are not likely to return on your website. Henceforth, it is really important to keep your online store attractive and appealing. We help you keep your store organized by putting your products into sub-categories to help shoppers quickly find the products that are looking for.

Enhance User experience:

In order to sell your products online, you should know how to sell your website to your customers to make your customers feel comfortable while making purchases. This is the main reason that the most important requirement for a successful website is offering a stellar user experience. In fact, user experience is a broader term as we use our expertise in custom e-commerce development to explicate what great UX refers to the e-commerce realm.

Eye-catchy interface with stable performance:

It is really important to make the right impression on a customer and this can be done by a great look and feel of your online store. The design of the website should be sleek as well as fast without any bug as the usage of heavy graphics makes it difficult to automate image optimization.

Detailed as well as up-to-date catalog:

The product catalog of your online store must provide all the information that customers want to know about the products that you offer. A content manager plays a vital role in this so that order can be maintained in the catalog as there must be no error pages alongside all the products that should have a detailed individual description. Also, there should be a review section as statistics show that 88% of people trust customer reviews and positive reviews can act as a motivation to increase the purchase and vice versa. On the contrary to this, you can save your business from negative reviews by regularly moderating them to address the negative reviews.

Guest-friendly checkout”

It is important to enable a long guest cart session by setting your cookie expiration to as long as a month or even longer than that. This would increase purchase chances as a guest can return to your site later to resume the shopping and check that the cart still has all the items that they previously put in it.


From the aforementioned discussion, it can be stated that your click and purchase store is quite similar to brick and mortar store and a customer should feel welcomed in both of these stores.

Are you planning to take your business to the online platform? We will transform your ideas into reality with our powerful e-commerce solutions. Being a renowned software development consulting firm, we offer you a great opportunity to fulfill your website requirements in order to set-up your business online.

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