Financial Transaction Services for Journals


January 13, 2017


  • Financial Transaction Service (FTS) for Journals is used for the University Campus, Academic Institutions, and Colleges for the automation of their budget transfer services. This application allows transfer of budget from one chartfield string to another, and pays for another campus department for services/products received. Transfers are reviewed and approved by an Approving Official in FTS.
  • FTS for Journals allows transferring the expenses from one chartfields to another where both are under control, and also one chartfileds under control and another is outside under control.
  • This helps one department to pay another departmentfor products and/or services you received. You would be the Payor and the department you are paying would be the Payee.
  • In FTS for Journals we can setup approval structure to review and approve the expenses and transfer of budget journals.

Characteristics of FTS for Journals

  • Transfer of the Budget Journals from one account to another.
  • Transfer of the Expense Journals.
  • Transfer of the budget how much expense on hospitality payment.
  • Interdepartmental Expense Transfers.
  • Users and Role management.
  • Setup of Approval Structure for the approvals.
  • Email notifications at every stage.
  • Managing Accounts, Funds, Projects, Classes.
  • User Security and Module Security.

MIRI FTS for Journals Support

When you join to the MIRI FTS for Journals, your AWS commercial center membership will be naturally distinguished. MIRI FTS for Journals provides technical support for installation and setup issues through our support center.

Contact No. at- +1 (510)298-5936

Email– support@

24*7 Hrs facility is available. Client can contact us at anytime.

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