iTop: open source ITIL ITSM CMDB support


November 18, 2016


MIRI iTop stands for MIRI IT Operational Portal. MIRI iTop is an Open Source web application for the daily operations of an IT environment. MIRI iTop was designed with the ITIL best practices in mind but does not dictate any specific process, the application is flexible enough to adapt to your processes whether you want informal and practical processes or a strict ITIL aligned behavior. At the heart of MIRI iTop is CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base), this is originally the first part of MIRI iTop that was developed. Then came the tickets and all the derived processes.


MIRI iTop Support

  • When you join to the MIRI iTop, your AWS commercial center membership will be naturally distinguished. MIRI iTop provides technical support for installation and setup issues through our support center.
  • Contact No. at- +1 (510)298-5936
  • Email– support@
  • 24*7 Hrs. facility is available. Client can contact us at anytime.

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