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April 10, 2020


Even in the age of Covid- 19, you need to stay focused to ensure Business Success

It is rightly said by Darvin that it is not the strongest or the most intelligent who survive but those individuals who can best adapt to the change. Survival of the fittest in the time of Pandemic Covid: 19 can make your business survive in the market. The COVID-19 pandemic has put major limelight on a trend that has been growing consistently over the recent months and years: the need to ensure and support effective remote collaboration.

Bill Gates was not kidding when he said that if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. The time is now and it is going to be the need of the hour to have all the business aspects accessible remotely. In order to plan the survival of businesses in the era of Coronavirus Pandemic, companies need to adapt as quickly as possible so that they do not lack behind.

At Miri, we are doing everything we can in order to keep our people safe without having to compromise our business objectives. We are making sure to motivate our employees to work remotely to offer the type of partnership that clients need to navigate through these challenging times. It is easy to think, as we see ourselves in the midst of a truly unprecedented situation that the rules of building a successful business have completely changed. On one hand, the globe is topsy-turvy at the current moment but on the other hand, the clock does not stop and so, does the needs of customers. Keeping your customers at the center of your business strategy is really very important at this crucial time.

But, Safety First:

In order to ensure the safety of our employees, we adopted work from home policy a few weeks ago. We are privileged that our teams are used to working remotely and collaborating effectively on a virtual platform utilizing digital tools. Till now, we have not witnessed any interruptions in our capability to collaborate with our employees and support our clients.

Continuing to be the best in IT service providers:

We have a great suite of collaboration tools that are available for our employees to use among each other and serve clients in the best possible manner. We have successfully proven that we have the potential to partner with our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle without any disruption.

Ensuring investment in ‘Working Remote’ Infrastructure:

It has always been Miri’s policy to allow its employees to work from home when they are unable to come to the office. Also, we have a group of employees who have been working with us remotely even before this worldwide pandemic. We find potential individuals who can work for us with greater productivity regardless of compelling them to come to the office. In the time of Coronavirus, we are allowing our employees to work remotely. In addition to this, we have implemented new processes to ensure transparent communication levels stay high both internally and with our clients as well.

In a nutshell, we understand that everyone is affected in different ways by the pandemic. We remain fully committed to supporting our clients in tough times as we have made our resources available up to 80% reduced cost.

Get ready to fight Pandemic Covid-19 with low cost Resource Availability like never before:

During the time of Covid-19, we have made an effort to say thank you to all our valuable clients by providing reduced cost resource availability like never before as per your time zone. We remain fully committed to supporting our clients with any projects in flight and with any new needs in light of the shifting business landscape by working remotely.
Stay home and be vigilant.

Ankesh Pratap Shahi


Miri Infotech

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