Salesforce Quip’s Role in Your COVID-19 Response


June 9, 2020


In the current tough days of Covid-19, most of the companies including IT consulting firms make use of salesforce to look for alternate ways to utilize the most from the tool in remote work infrastructure.

How does Salesforce help to deal with Covid-19 situation?

Salesforce provides a great option that is regarded as a Quip that can help to deal with the current pandemic situation. It is true that Quip has been a part of Salesforce for quite some time. But due to the current situation, the company has pushed it to the front burner as it has the capability to help businesses keep moving while teams work remotely from home.

How Quip is helpful?

Quip can also be used to ensure collaboration on marketing posts and proposals as well as to communicate with Salesforce personnel regarding the current projects. Quip is extremely helpful for users to manage proposals as it has the potential to store every spreadsheet, timeline, and even image in one location. Quip includes documents, chat, and spreadsheets so that teams working at different locations can communicate easily and work together effectively.

In the current time, companies are preferring to send their employees home so that they can work remotely in which some companies are doing it by choice while some are doing it as their government is compelling them to do so. Companies find it difficult to get appropriate work from home solutions and tools. Quip is one such tool that facilitates work from home without any difficulty.

Salesforce is helping its clients in working from tools as it has been offering Quip Starter for free till September 30, 2020. Quip is majorly a modern collaboration tool that enables employees to get things done faster with ease.  The following are some significant features that can resolve your work from home nuisances.

Communication across the team

Quip allows effective communication across the team as Quip chat puts an end to the innumerable number of chaotic and messy e-mail chains. Work becomes easier when the collaboration among the team is simple and you can easily create chat room channels for any occasion with the help of Quip. You can even create channels for significant company announcements and project discussions to ensure transparent communication among team members. One of the best features of Quip is that it enables you to @-mention any document for easy reference in chats. It gives the feature to even create documents with the help of just one click from discussion to design.


Quip helps you to edit spreadsheets in real-time with the entire team as it helps in amalgamating endless spreadsheets copies in one live document that can help in tracking version history and edits to revert changes with ease. Quick gives you the option of leaving comments on any changes for quick review and easy feedback. In addition, you have the facility to take your spreadsheets on the go with your smartphone and even edit documents offline and use Quip to make automatic updates when your device is connected back to the internet.


With the help of this feature, you can have a designated and single place where the entire team can write, edit and discuss documents and the best part is that the document collaboration can happen online or offline on any device. Teams can even track revision history and edits so that the whole team can stay on the same page and get up to date with the latest information. It helps in the amalgamation of tasks and spreadsheets in one documents so that a single view can be created. It also provides smart notifications that can be enabled as per your requirements so that the most relevant and filtered notifications are sent to you.

Final Words

Quip has the potential to enhance overall Salesforce collaboration and utilization by adding rich collaboration capabilities. In order to get the best results from Salesforce, hire professional Salesforce consulting services from Miri to use this platform effectively.

Miri is one of the leading Salesforce consulting firms that not just helps implement, but also regularly update and train your team in using this platform. Contact us for professional Salesforce consulting services.

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