Why Node.js has become a standard for enterprise-level organizations?


March 3, 2020


Node.js is an open-source platform with cross-platform back-end technology to build server-side network web applications. It makes use of event-driven and non-blocking mode for the app development with a fast back-end. Node.js is highly renowned in the modern era as it offers a great set of opportunities to developers and enhances the effectiveness of the engineering teams. Even, most of the IT service providers provide services on this language to make your business processes smoother and profitable.

Node.js has been in the limelight due to the growing need for enhancing business operations. It is conquering the programming world and is highly renowned to have changed the lives of developers and business managers. As a result of its benefits and improved results, large-scale businesses and enterprises are implementing Node.js and bringing it to the mainstream market.

How has it profited businesses?

Node.js has resulted in boosting conversion rates and the overall sales of businesses. In regard to this, some of the most important advantages of Node.js include:

  • It helps in building real-time applications in a lightning-fast way
  • It enhances the efficacy of the development process along with the business, by filling the gap between frontend and backend developers
  • It is possible to code in JavaScript from both the client and server-side due to its open-source nature
  • The Node.js code gets executed faster as compared to other programming languages
  • Node also has an ever-evolving NPM (Node Package Manager) that provides multiple flexible modules and tools to developers to help them enhance their productivity.
  • js is appropriate for microservices frameworks that are widely utilized with enterprise-level applications

Why Node.js over other platforms?

Nowadays, people tend to have a very busy schedule and they don’t find time for themselves and in such situations, they hate spending hours searching for a peculiar product. When they want to buy anything, they visit a shopping app or browser to find immediate solutions. This is the main reason that developers and businesses cannot afford to put their time in building complex apps with heavy lines of code. This kind of coding is not only time-consuming but also reduces the productivity of the outcomes. Henceforth, companies should come up with quicker and efficient application servers that can satisfy the requirements of the markets on-the-go.

The reason why Node has gained so much popularity with any Node.js development company is that it makes use of JavaScript as its primary language, which has been the most favored choice among the developers. There are a number of applications that are built on Node.js servers such as PayPal, Trello, Uber, LinkedIn and our most favorite Netflix. These applications have become an important part of our life and the Node.js platform makes them flexible and comfortable to use.

What do the statistics say?

Let’s have a look at the stats about this latest programming language. According to Node.js User Survey:

  • 43% of the Node developers are making use of it for enterprise-level apps
  • 85% are using it for the purpose of web application development
  • Node has the capability to alleviate development cost by 58%
  • Also, Node.js is tested to have enhanced app performance by up to 50%
  • It is the foremost choice for start-ups and SMEs

Top reasons you should use Node.js

Node.js has gained utmost popularity and companies must use this language due to its following characteristics:

Scalability and efficacy

Node comes with great traits such as a cluster module that increases load balancing across multiple CPU cores. Additional attributes like its PM2 process manager and other such powerful tools help developers deploy Node apps effectively with speed. This makes developers to use this language effortlessly to optimize and monitor these applications after deployment.

Cross-functional collaborative teams

It is evident that working with Node apps increases team collaboration as it includes a cross-functional team workforce. Each team member is aware of his role including coding, hosting, deployment and maintenance that helps everyone (developers, quality assurance experts and infrastructure engineers) to add value to the prevailing resources available in Node.js.

No involvement in Learning Curves

One of the most significant advantages of using Node.js is that one can learn it quickly and effectively. You don’t need to go through hectic syntax learning and grasping processes as Node is built on JavaScript, which is very easy to adapt.

Usage of Node as a single programming language

Developers are given the liberty of developing server-side apps with JavaScript as one can easily develop both frontend and backend applications by using a runtime environment with JavaScript with Node. There is no requirement to make use of any other programming language as Node ensures the application deployment much more straightforward.

The Final Words

From the above discussions, it can be concluded that there are big names such as Netflix, PayPal and so on are embracing Node.js that has made it the most wanted option in the application development world. Most of the large-scale businesses and companies are adopting Node.js and bringing it to the mainstream market owing to its multiple advantages and improved results. It is acquiring the world as it is famous to have transformed the lives of developers in a positive manner.

Next time, if you are in dilemma about the kind of programming language to use in your web development projects then, choose Node.js without a doubt.

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